A modern touristic infrastructure rich, diversified and competitive.

Tourism started to develop in Tunisia from the 1960s, when the state realized the numerous strategic assets of Tunisia and the sector potential to boost the Tunisian economy. The Tunisian tourism sector is dynamic and developed counting more than 848 hotels and several actors on all links of the value chain.

The number of hotels reached 848 in 2017, an increase of 3% compared to 2016.

Spread mainly over the regions of Nabeul-Hammamet & Djerba, given the nature of the Tunisian offer based almost exclusively on the seaside resorts.

Source : FIPA, ONTT

Minimum wage for a full-time employee (€ per month)

Electricity (€ per kWh), Water (€ per cubic meter)

UK index as a benchmark

Contact person

Yosra Ben Hamrouni
Contact: +216 (70) 248 148 Ext. 131