Exchange regulation


Right to transfer profits and dividends.


Right for resident companies to contract external loans.


Right for repayment transfer of external loan.


Free transfer of current transactions and net real proceeds as well as the value added from sale or liquidation of capital invested previously through foreign currency import. All other transactions and commitments of which arises or may arise as well as any clearing of debts with foreign countries are submitted to prior authorization.

Assets movements between Tunisia and foreign countries have to be executed through the central Bank Of Tunisia or, on the authority of the latter, by authorized intermediaries chartered by Minister Of Finance on proposal of the Governor of the Central BankOf Tunisia. 


Resident companies may, for the purpose of their activities' needs, borrow freely from non-residents in foreign currency up to 10 million dinars per calendar year for lending institutions and 3 million dinars for the other companies.
When granted for a period of more than 12 months, these loans are borrowed freely and without a limit for the amount for the lending institutions and within a limit of 10 millions dinars per year for the other companies. 

However, the lending institutions must be subdued to prior voluntary assesment of a rating agency, or listed on the stock exchange market.
Transfers related to reimbursement in principal and interest payment of these borrowing are free.


Transfers regarding current transactions are free (trade transactions, transactions related to corporate production, transport, insurance, capital income, operations concerning banking and financial expenditures, personal operations , public sector operations, general operations such as subscriptions, advertising, entertainment and show contracts).

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