Tunisia inherited the virtues and the richness of the Carthaginian or Punic civilization located in the Mediterranean basin which is at the origin of one of the greatest commercial, cultural and military powers of this region in Antiquity. 


A pleasant living environment and a rich culture

In Tunisia, the living conditions are most appreciated and are comparable to the northern shore Mediterranean countries. In addition to the mild climate and the variety of landscapes, Tunisia has all the necessary structures and facilities for the foreign investor to live comfortably.

Well being

  • Tunisia is a country where it is enjoyable to live, eat and practise all types of leisure activities.
  • Tunisia enjoys a Mediterranean climate in almost all of the country, except in the southern part where the climate is more dry.
  • Tunisia is famous for its gastronomy, local products rich in a culinary heritage, the legacy of a long, millennial history.
  •  1st Arab country according to the Good Country index 2020 in terms of countries contributing to the community well- being. Restaurants serve unique local specialties and all international specialties.

Cost of living

  • Tunisia is the 7th cheapest country in the world according to a ranking made by the American magazine Ceoworld.
  • The cost of living in Tunisia is cheaper than in 91% of the countries in the world according to the cost of living index of the specialized site Expatsitan.
  • The costs of living in Tunis are in the 10% cheapest on a ranking of 248 cities according to the specialized site Teleport.


  • A highly recognized health system with very qualified human resources who are exported to the largest countries in the world owing to a high quality education system.
  • Tunisian medicine is recognized among the world firsts in terms of surgery.
  • The Tunisian health system is the second most efficient in Africa according to the Bloomberg index 2019.
  • The public health infrastructure in Tunisia has more than 2,200 health institutions.
  • In the private sector, more than 3,300 clinics, pharmacies, dental offices, medical imaging centres, laboratories and radiology centres are at your disposal.
  • Whether in hospital or in clinic, emergency services are open 24/7 with fast responsiveness.

    Openness, Tolerance and Safety

    • Welcoming people open to all civilizations.
    • Tunisia is an example of tolerance, respect for all religions and coexistence.
    • Tunis is classified as the safest city in Africa according to the specialized site Teleport.
    • The Constitution guarantees freedom of belief and conscience.


  • Tunisia has a rich cultural heritage.
  • Tunisia is a country rich in landscapes with authentic and preserved historical and cultural heritage, despite its small size. It is marked by the different successive civilizations on its territory, which has allowed it to stand out with an impressive cultural diversity and a rich historical heritage highlighting the imprints of ancestral civilizations.