Legal investment framework

The Investment Law in 5 points

A unique investment framework 

Market access improvement

Enhancement of investor's guarantees

Simplification of procedures

Incentives in line with the national economy's priorities

A legal investment framework with international standards


The legal investment framework in Tunisia is in line with international standards, favorable to the free economy and offers flexible procedures and appropriate protection for private investors thanks to the new laws adopted, which has improved the investment conditions and attracted a significant flow of private, national and international investments.


In most economic sectors.

Setting up a single contact point for the investor (TIA)

To assist and guide the investor throughout the investment pathway

Fixed deadlines for all authorizations

The principle of Silence equivalent to administrative authorization is applied.

Investment framework based on digitized services

regulatory framework for electronic exchanges facilitating administrative transactions, comprehensive investor's digital platform.

Guarantees for investors

Fair and equal treatment, guarantee of industrial and intellectual property, protection against non-commercial risks, freedom to transfer capital abroad.

Right to recruit foreign workers for all companies

Possibility of employing 30% of foreign executives up to the 3rd year and 10% beyond.

Real estate ownership for international investors

Ownership right of real estate for investment.

Wide range of incentives

fiscal and financial incentives targeting in particular priority sectors with high added value, regional development and projects of national interest.

Appropriate PPP framework

Regulatory and institutional framework with simplified procedures and rules favouring the implementation of PPP projects.

Innovative initiatives

Tunisia is committed to attracting the best of the new wave of entrepreneurs. Tunisia has set up many initiatives to attract these companies, with an emphasis on a start-up-centric ecosystem with supportive policies, high availability of human resources and advanced ICT networks.


  • Conçu par la Banque centrale de Tunisie BCT en tant que cadre réglementaire et écosystémique pour permettre aux entreprises FinTech de prospérer, cet espace virtuel sera ouvert aux entreprises pour tester de nouveaux produits innovants grandeur nature puis les déployer en Tunisie.
  • L'espace est ouvert à toutes les startup, ce qui contribuera à créer les bases d'une nouvelle vague d'innovation financière.
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Startup Act Tunisia

  • Le Startup Act contribue à faire de la Tunisie un pays propice aux Startups à la croisée de la Méditerranée, de la région MENA et de l’Afrique.
  • Le Startup Act est un cadre juridique dédié aux Startups en Tunisie. Ce cadre est conçu pour faciliter le lancement et le développement de Startups depuis la Tunisie.
  • Ce cadre juridique intègre 20 mesures structurées autour d’un Label de mérite et d’avantages aux entrepreneurs, aux investisseurs et aux Startups.
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