Investment declaration

The declaration service allows you to fill in the single package in order to declare your investment project: creation, extension, renewal in all sectors.

Investment declaration process

Simple, Easy, Fast

  • Examination, processing and validation of the investment declaration request.
  • Online payment - TIA.
Fees payment

The certificate of investment declaration can only be issued after fees payment : 
Investment cost (TND) Fees to be paid - excluding taxes (TND) 
Fees to be paid - all taxes included (TND) 

15 000   000< investment <= 50 000 000
200 238

Investment   > 50 000 000   
500 595
  • Issue of the investment declaration certificate 

- 3 Delivery methods are available:

  • Electronic delivery (by e-mail)
  • In person
  • Postal delivery

Issue and validity of the certificate of investment declaration 

  • The certificate of investment can only be issued in respect with direct investment operations, as defined in article 3 of the Investment Law (creation, extension and renewal). These direct investment operations shall be eligible for premiums set out in article 19 of the Investment, under the following headings :
    • Increasing the value added and comptetitiveness
    • Creating jobs and enhancing human resources skills
    • Achieving integrated and balanced regional development
    • Achieving sustainable development
  • The total exporting regime can only be granted when the company meets the required legal conditions set out in the article 68 and 69 of the IRPP and IS codes.
  • Any investment declaration shall be considered as null and void if the execution of the project has not started within a deadline of one year as from the date of its issue. 
  • Investors are required to submit a written request to benefit from financial incentives provided by the law at latest one year as from the date of deposit of the investment declaration.

Contact person

Sahar Chtourou
Contact: +216 (70) 248 148 Ext. 103