One of the industrial sectors boosting the Tunisian economy.

The food-processing sector is one of the most developed sectors in Tunisia and is considered to be at the core of the Tunisian economy. The sector is structured mainly around the production of inputs for the food processing industry, upstream and downstream logistics and marketing services around 3 sectors constituting the main links of the food-processing value chain, the production of inputs, processing industry and marketing services.

Le secteur des industries agroalimentaires compte plus de 1 070 entreprises industrielles employant 10 personnes et plus, dont plus 210 entreprises totalement exportatrices L’industrie agroalimentaire jouit d’une main d’œuvre qualifiée, pouvant répondre au besoin du secteur

Cost of industrial labour (€ per hour))

Electricité(€ par kWh), Eau (€ par mètre cube)

UK index as a benchmark (100)

Contact person

Iheb Samoud
Contact: +216 (70) 248 148 Ext. 126