The sector has around 70 companies operating across all links of the value chain.

The pharmaceutical industry in Tunisia has greatly developed, through a solid industry and strong involvement of private and public actors. The pharmaceutical industry value chain encompasses research & development activities, manufacturing inputs for the pharmaceutical industry and distribution channels.

Value chain

Why choose Tunisia ?

The sector’s
key figures

Local production of medicines valued at TND 1.4 Billion in 2020


 172 MTND

Of exports in 2020


 9 International



 8 Maritime trade



 12 500 

Employees in the sector in 2021



Graduates per year, 36% of whom are doctors and pharmacists


 18 Training centres

to meet the sector’s needs


32 clinical trials per capita (3rd in Africa)


Electricity (€ per kWh), Water (€ per cubic meter

ADWYA Laboratory, founded in 1990, is one of the major actors in the pharmaceutical industry in Tunisia with 8% market share.The group with 1.4% of turnover in exports, launched a branch at the Ivory Coast :Adwya Promotion Côte d'Ivoire. This branch is responsible for the medical promotion of pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products for human and veterinary use. The company employs currently more than 500 people.


UNIMED laboratories, created in 1993, is the Tunisian leader in sterile generic products.  UNIMED laboratories manufacture, develop and market a wide range of eye drops and injectable products for pharmacies and hospitals, abiding by the standards in force. The laboratory,  employing more than 650 people, has been developing over the years  at a regional level, before expanding to  various countries: Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Ivory Coast, Iraq, Libya and Yemen.

TERIAK Laboratory, a subsidiary of the KILANI group, has been a major actor in the Tunisian pharmaceutical industry since its creation in 1996. TERIAK Laboratory currently employs more than 500 people spread over 3 sites: 2 in Tunisia and 1 in Douala, Cameroon. The Company serves mainly the local market but also export markets in North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East.


Created in 1992, SAIPH Company specializes in the manufacture and marketing of medicines for human use The company currently employs more than 600 people on 5 production sites, with a surface of 25,000m² The company began its spread in 2017 on an international scale with the construction of a drug manufacturing plant in the Ivory Coast and the setting-up of a distribution platform for its products throughout West Africa.


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