A pool of engineers renown at the regional level for their skills and the quality of their training.

The automotive industry in Tunisia has witnessed considerable growth in the production of electrical parts and components after the setting up of multinational firms with a majority of exporting companies. Tunisia's geographical location has conveniently attracted many world leaders in the sectors of wires, cables and cable harnesses, electronic components, plastics, etc. who have chosen Tunisia as the destination par excellence owing to the accessibility of the market ( skilled labour, with great capacity of adaptation and at a relatively lower cost). Compared to competing African countries, Tunisia stands second in terms of global market share. 

Value chain

Why choose Tunisia ?

Key figures
of the sector




 5000 MTND

Of export


 9 International



 8 Maritime

trade ports


 +67 000

Employees in the sector


 65 000

Degree holders, 10% of whom are engineers


 47 engineering schools

and 25 technological studies institutes


 +60 Vocational training centers

related to the sector


Exports distribution by country

Companies breakdown by origin

Evolution des exportations

La Tunisie se classe parmi les 3 premiers exportateurs de composants automobiles en Afrique, incluant:

  • Composants électriques et électroniques
  • Châssis et carrosserie
  • Moteurs et composants de moteurs
  • Textiles et cuirs
  • Conception, développement et industrialisation
  • Pièces de rechange

Graduates competencies (score)

Source: Global Competitiveness Report 2018
Source: International HR compensation leader

Established in Tunisia in 2003, in Soliman in the governorate of Nabeul, Zodiac Company has considerably grown with several diversification axes and the creation of 4 sites: Zodiac automotive, Zodiac equipment, Zodiac seats and Zodiac composites monuments The Company employs more than 3,500 employees and its activity has extended over a surface of 65,000 m², including 36,500 m² covered land. Tunisia has one of the group's most important research and development centres on a regional scale.


With a market share of around 19% worldwide, COFICAB Group is one of the world leaders in the development and production of electric cables for motor vehicles with thermal or electric motors, connected and autonomous. COFICAB is the technological partner of the biggest actors in the automotive industry. The Mjez El Beb Centre for Excellence specializes in the R & D of electrical conductors (copper, aluminium and alloys) and the design of new cables in order to reduce the space and weight of cables in vehicles so as to improve their efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions.

Wallys Car, the first Arab and African manufacturer registered with the “Society of Automobiles Engineers Organization”, was founded in 2006 The company has a production capacity of 300 cars and currently exports its products to France, Panama, Spain, Qatar and Morocco In 2019, the company successfully raised funds from Ekuity Capital of TND 10 million in order to improve production capacity to meet the growing demand from the national and international market.


The German giant of car cable industry, established in Tunisia since 1977, has 3 production sites located in Sousse (61,000 m²), Mateur and Ezzahra From 500 employees in 1996 to the largest employer after the Tunisian State with 16,500 Tunisian employees and executives, In 2017 and on the occasion of its 40 th anniversary in the country, the group reasserted its willingness to invest in Tunisia through extensions in Sousse and in other regions of Tunisia.


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